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Alli said it would be so great to move out to the country, so much freedom and fun; a wonderful place to raise our children and to develop our common interest.
What we did not discuss was the difficult road and grand mountains we had to travel to get there. It almost broke me, it almost broke us. I hope it never will and that it will make us stronger and wiser in a long future together.
Here I reflect on the tough beginnings and share our progress, our new strengths and wisdom.
…after a year of hand weeding the lower fields and setting up the barn and paddock.
…taking a break at Nahatlatch Lake. There is so much wilderness to explore, so many adventures to embark upon, but they must wait until we have established our roots.
Seren in the lilacs

Seren struggles daily to keep up with her older sister. She strives to discover her own talents. I think she found two in the garden, modelling and floral design. She is in her happy place when she gets to talk, pose for the camera, gather flowers for the table and various greens for her salads. I guess there are also potentials for being a story teller/writer and chef.

We named her well since Serenity always manages to help me find my calm. Truly a daddy’s girl, she had bonded with me since the age of two when she was being weened and had to co-sleep with me.

Now she waits for me nightly to go to bed; cuddles me and soothes my worries away. She can make a great RMT as well with her natural sense of compassion.

A parent’s job is to provide for their children, keep them safe, to role model, guide, educate and inspire. The farm has provided us endless possibilities to do all of the above.

Ama has been glued to mom since birth. Alli carried Ama, and later Seren as well, everywhere in her arms, on her back and chest. The three moving as one would sing songs, tell stories and learn all aspects of nature as they pass hikers on the trails near Vancouver. On the farm they frolic in the stream and mud puddles, climb trees and run around together freely, even in the midst of a pandemic.

At times it was hard for Ama to be a kid and take on the responsibilities of having animals. But when asked which she wants to give up if she must, it was the child’s play.

Modelling after mom’s work ethics this young lady cooks, cleans and cares for her puppy dog, rabbit, and horse and share in rearing of the goat and chickens. She is eager to race her horse in the next endurance event and become a veterinarian to make sure her animals are well cared for.

She too is a compassionate young lady who strives to help her parents find balance.

Amelita on Cinders
My purpose in life, the riders not the hoses.

I was never a big fan of animals, i needed too much time for myself. But now time is all about the family and the animals that make them happy. There is something intensely rewarding to devote yourself to something bigger than you. Setting roots on a farm is no small or simple task, but it has been a fruitful endeavour. I have grown and learned so much, I do think I am stronger and wiser.

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